A Symposium on Teaching

An APAHA-sponsored teaching symposium will be held in October 2017 at Windhorse International in Bethlehem, Conn.

The symposium will be an informal gathering of regional independent instructors who have been training under the auspices of APAHA. The symposium is part of an APAHA program that assists teachers in refreshing their teaching skills through courses sponsored by APAHA. Students involved in the teaching program will be participating with their students in a teaching show and tell .

During the event, Bettina Drummond and Maryal  Barnett will provide feedback as opinions as to the clarity of the teaching process and animate it with pointers and critique if the lesson pattern is unclear. During the first day, participating teachers will work with their client’s horse and will get feedback on the work and its execution. The following day, the teacher will teach off of the same horse the adult amateur owner or leasee of the horse. The lesson should reflect the critique of the work on the previous day and also the steps taken to ensure that the adult amateur comes to understand the training process as well as its execution.

This will be an open format and auditors will be welcome to ask questions and participate in discussions between teaching sets.



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