2020 APAHA Plans

A Note From Bettina on APAHA’s 2020 Plans…

Although APAHA programs have been curtailed by our lack of federal status, we are forging ahead in next year’s season on two fronts. Our horse co-op has passed through its trial run at our new Bantam, Conn. location this season. There we enjoyed watching Bethany’s progress training Pie for her owner, as well as redirecting Fuego’s energy to teaching. He will now be out on loan to Elizabeth David. Chopin Interagro is also in on loan by his owner with a view of giving Kathleen Reineck a training fitness project on an older Lusitano before she tries on a four-year-old.

We also have Gabriel from Bon Accord Lusitanos teaching the western/hunter-formed trainer Katerina how to perfect her dressage skills on the ground. She will also be learning some of our breaking-in techniques with my colt J.J. from Bon Accord Lusitanos.

Amado was a great teacher this season and returned home to await his next visitor. Macho is officially retired from lessons and performing and looking forward to making more fabulous babies next year. This past year, he helped Hannah and Elizabeth connect Miss Red under the double bridle.

We are now prepping the return to teaching of the Swedish stallion Ashoka (Taz), who took a long hiatus after teaching Liz Braverman about piaffer and stallion management. Vousy, the adorable seat teacher, is paired up with Yoga guru Tasha. And, we are now collaborating on a series on the influence of the seat, tying it in where the instruction parallels and also where it contrasts.

Gigi has also returned to train how to sit under the double bridle and has illuminated Emily. We eagerly await Kay’s return! Mimi glared into straightened submission at her last student Hannah, held in hand to feel where her body was crooked. She occasionally does a flyby as I work with Gigi to let us know that we are but poor copies of her own form!

Julie Arkinson’s mare will be the last of our two-year program to come in for double bride prep.

Also, in next year’s season, we are hosting two clinics at our new facilities. Our APAHA student Tess, who is an Alexander technician, will co-teach with me around the collection goals and alignment needs of her fellow recipients.

APAHA will also host a joint teaching by the Cadre Noir rider Olivier Puls and by fellow Oliveira student the Canadian Jean Paul Pare. It will be an opportunity for teachers to share their perceptions on the best way to teach through amateur fears and blocks. We will be greeting, as part of our week of free training, a student of Bernard Maurel, one of Mark Russell and one of Barb Sudemeyer.

We hope you will join us at our events!