A Symposium on Teaching

An APAHA-sponsored teaching symposium will be held in October 2017 at Windhorse International in Bethlehem, Conn. The symposium will be an informal gathering of regional independent instructors who have been training under the auspices of APAHA. The symposium is part of an APAHA program that assists teachers in refreshing their teaching skills through courses sponsored by APAHA. Students involved in the […]

John Craven Shares His Life Story

Horseman John Craven came into my life through Donna Coughlin and her horse Oberon aka “Obi.” Donna had sought out my help with Obi and that connected me to John, who, as you’ll note in his bio below, had a deep respect for Nuno Oliveira. I enjoyed the times I spent with John sharing and […]

Workshop Featuring France’s Col. Patrick Teisserenc and America’s Bettina Drummond Draws Riders and Trainers from Across America

Loxahatchee, Florida – A two-day workshop at High Meadow Farm at White Fences Equestrian Estates brought together two of the world’s leaders in the teaching and training of the French system of riding. The workshop, held February 4-5, featured Colonel Patrick Teisserenc, current écuyer-en-chef of the French National Riding School in Saumur, France, and Bettina […]

The Palm Beach Post Writes About APAHA Founder Bettina Drummond and APAHA’s February 4-5, 2017 Workshop in Florida

By Amy Bower Doucette – Special to The Palm Beach Post Bettina Drummond considers dressage an art form. The renowned rider argues that the discipline has become too focused on competition. Drummond started riding when she was very young and showed an aptitude for it from the beginning. She’s had to work on her communication as […]

Welcome Sola: The Equine Partner of Mark Russell

A great American horseman was lost to us when Mark Russell died in June from injuries acquired during a riding accident. Mark, author of the popular book Lessons in LIghtness, was a well-known trainer and teacher who blended the methods and philosophies of classical dressage with natural horsemanship to produce what her termed natural dressage. […]

Thoughts on My Visit with Bernard Sachse

(Bernard Sachse credits the books of Nuno Oliveira as contributing much to his understanding of riding and training, but he never had the opportunity to train with Oliveira. After connecting with Bettina Drummond during a colloquium in France in October 2015, he looked for an opportunity to visit her in America and see how she used the knowledge […]

APAHA Founder Bettina Drummond to Participate in Colloquia on French Riding Tradition

Washington, Conn. – APAHA founder Bettina Drummond, a dressage trainer and rider formed in the French riding tradition, is the sole American invited to a two-day colloquia focused on promoting understanding of the French system of riding. The colloquia is being sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture and hosted by the French Institute of Horses […]