APAHA Founder

Bettina Drummond and her teacher Master Nuno Oliveira

APAHA was founded by Bettina Drummond, who spent her formative years training with Master Nuno Oliveira in Portugal. The many years spent with Oliveira gave Drummond the opportunity to develop her skills as a rider and trainer with not only Oliveira as her teacher but also his trained horses as her teachers. She came to realize the value of these horses in providing her with an understanding of balance and lightness that few riders and trainers gain. Hence, Drummond set as her goal the creation of an organization that could give American riders and trainers access to horses that could provide them with the opportunity she had in studying with Oliveira. APAHA is now dedicated to providing American riders and trainers with a higher level of education with the hope that they will then pass on their knowledge to their students. In that way, APAHA hopes that horsemanship as an art will spread to more and more riders and trainers and will therefore be preserved for future generations.

For more information about Bettina visit her website at www.bettinadrummond.com.

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