Saturday – Photos and Videos

The two-day Interactive Arts Workshop featured a number of APAHA riders and horses teaming up with leading artists from the world of dance and music to create interactive art.

The Saturday of the event was held at Windhorse International in Bethlehem, Conn. APAHA riders had the unique opportunity to work with Bernard Sachsé, a musician, rider, trainer and former French Paralympian and movie stunt rider who traveled from France to participate. Joining him in helping riders learn to ride to live music were musicians Mary Rowell, Rachel Evans and Benjamin Wolff.

Below are photos and videos from the Saturday of the event. Enjoy!

Lois New with her horse Gabriel, rider Ron Fayer and Bernard Sachsé
Ron Fayer and Bettina Drummond with Gabriel
Ron Fayer and Gabriel with Bernard
Sachsé (photo by Jesse Fayer)
Harold LaDue and his horse “Eddie” made the local press.
Scooter meets the musicians and the audience (photo by Harold LaDue)
Lynndee Kemmet and “Scooter”
Errol meets the musicians (photo by Andrea Cescutti)
Bettina, Errol and Bernard (photo by Andrea Cescutti)

Bernard and Bettina helped Errol prepare for his Sunday performance with live musicians with an improv ride as Bernard played. You can see the ride by clicking here for the Facebook link.

USDF Lifetime Achievement recipient and national dressage judge Maryal Barnett made the trip from Michigan to see the Interactive Arts Workshop (photo by Andrea Cescutti)
Mary Rowell and Bernard Sachsé (photo by Andrea Cescutti)
(photo by Andrea Cescutti)
Bethany Macey and Utopie with Bettina Drummond
(photo by Andrea Cescutti)