January 2020: Double Bridle Training

From Lynndee Kemmet:

I encourage everyone to lend support to APAHA’s upcoming 2020 programs to help more riders learn.

Je Suis, son of Bettina’s late, great stallion Illyad, learns double bridle work while Rufio and Tre, two sons of Bettina’s wonderful stallion Kiko and an APAHA equine teacher, watch and learn.

APAHA programs do more than help advance the education of riders and trainers, they also improve the lives of horses. Thanks to the generous support I received from APAHA, including the valuable loan from Bettina Drummond of a fabulous equine teacher – her Lusitano stallion Kiko, my skills as a trainer and rider zoomed during the time I spent as an APAHA student. The real beneficiaries of the support I received from APAHA are the horses under my care. They have all advanced in their training thanks to APAHA support.

Among these equine beneficiaries is Je Suis, son of Bettina’s late, great stallion Illyad, who is now helping me learn the nuances of the double bridle. When you lend your support to APAHA, you are helping people improve their horsemanship skills and the result is that multitudes of horses find themselves in better human hands. I ask you to help support APAHA’s upcoming 2020 programs. Do it for the horses!