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Don’t Miss the April 2019 APAHA Interactive Arts Workshop


As part of APAHA’s mission to advance horsemanship as an art form, APAHA is hosting a two-day Interactive Arts Workshop April 27-28, 2019. The workshop will bring together artists across several disciplines — riding, dance and music.

Through this educational event, artists will explore the various ways that they can merge their talents to create new art. And, in the process, artists from outside of the equestrian world will be exposed to riding as an art form and the role that horses can play in creating art.

The Saturday of the workshop will be hosted by Windhorse International in Bethlehem Conn. and will feature French Paralympian and former movie stunt rider Bernard Sachsé and Bettina Drummond, a leading American trainer in the French classical system. Drummond and Sachsé will open the workshop with a discussion on what, and how, riders must prepare their minds, seat and emotions for exchanges with artists from the non-equestrian world, particularly musicians and dancers. From there, the workshop will move through two days of interaction between equestrian artists and those from the worlds of music and dance.

Throughout the first day, Drummond and Sachsé will work with APAHA riders who are not experienced in riding to music to educate them on how to prepare for and then perform an artistic collaboration as they work to interpret a musical piece with their horses. Joining Drummond and Sachsé to assist will be live musicians who will combine their musical talents with that of horse and rider. There will be breaks throughout the day to allow for auditors to ask questions and participant in discussions with artists and riders.

The Sunday of the workshop will be hosted by Rivendell Dressage in Millbrook, New York. This second day will feature special performances that combine the art of riding, music and dance. These special performances will merge the riding art of Drummond and Allison Kavey with that of musicians from ETHEL and dancers from The Equus Project.

ETHEL is a New York City-based quartet known for its groundbreaking performances, engaging touring programs, innovative collaborations, mind-bending multi-media productions, imaginative compositions, bold commissions, and inspired recordings. The Equus Project is led by JoAnna Mendl Shaw, an internationally-recognized dance educator whose Equus Projects has become famous for its interactive performances of horses and dancers.

Included on the Sunday of the workshop will be performances by APAHA riders who will present their artistic creations to a panel of judges that will include Drummond, Sachsé, Mendl Shaw, Dorothy Lawson of ETHEL and choreographer and dancer Elizabeth Streb, founder of the famous Brooklyn-based STREB.

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