Rehearsals for APAHA’s Interactive Arts Workshop has been going on for months and you can see some of the prep work in the photos and videos below.

The Final Week of Rehearsals:

Mimi and Dee — “Big Diva and Little Diva”
Allison Kavey and Cacharel hard at work.
The Equus Projects dancers working at liberty with Sonrisa.

Bettina, Macho and The Equus Projects Dancers

Rehearsing with ETHEL!

Bettina Drummond and Allison Kavey recently joined with the musicians of ETHEL to rehearse for the upcoming Interactive Arts Workshop. Joining Bettina were her equine partners Errol, who was on his last outing in preparation, and “Mimi”, coming out at the age of 26 as replacement for another horse and rider pair.

Bettina wishes to thank Andrea Woodner, “APAHA board member extraordinaire for bringing our horses and ETHEL together and for her great hospitality.”

Below is video of Bettina with Mimi and Errol from this day of rehearsal with ETHEL:

And check out these videos of Allison and Cacharel riding to the live music of ETHEL:

First Rehearsal:

In the first rehearsal Bettina Drummond and Que Macho joined with dancers from the Equus Project to explore various improvised choreographies in which horse and humans interact.

“We made up ideas as we went along,” Drummond said noting that a main purpose of the rehearsal was to give all of the artists practice in being aware of one another and reading each other’s energy. That proved no problem for Macho who showed such rhythm and control as he moved fluidly around the dancers that they soon had no hesitation in moving closely beside him. 

“Macho was a charmer,” Drummond said. The Lusitano stallion, a veteran performer, proved to be the ideal candidate for setting dancers at ease in working with an equine artist.

You can see segments of this initial rehearsal in the videos below:

More Rehearsals…

Kris Jeanette’s young Lusitano Errol is preparing for his improv to the music of ETHEL
Errol in his preparation work.

Linda Egeland’s Jalisco is also busy preparing for the Interactive Arts Workshop.