April’s Visiting APAHA Student — Marie-Philip Couillard

In April, APAHA welcomed Canadian rider Marie-Phlip Couillard who spent a week in Connecticut working with Bettina with the help of APAHA horses. Said Bettina on Marie-Philip’s arrival “Today was a very special day for me! The APAHA program, having received a generous donation from Mrs Phyllis Dillon Collins, a great horsewoman that I’ve had the privilege to teach, restarted after requesting my coaching input. We greeted Marie-Philip Couillard from Quebec with appreciation for her horsemanship and her formation with Écuyèr Frank Grello and equestrian theater maven Marie-Claude Bouillon . She was interested enough to take class virtually this past summer / fall season and was assiduous in her homework ,regardless of weather conditions….(a weather soul friend of mine in that) We had a great time with Vousy and then thanks to the APAHA loaner program, we were entrusted with the use of Gabriel de Bon Accord by his breeder Lois New. He not only did me proud by remembering all that I had taught him, but he stood his ground when the local mama bear and her two cubs suddenly bumbled past my arena fence! Grif supervised the recovery from this surprise visit that had Oso absolutely horrified…. A fun sunny day in Connecticut thanks to Phyllis and Lois for APAHA!”