April’s Visiting APAHA Student — Marie-Philip Couillard

In April, APAHA welcomed Canadian rider Marie-Phlip Couillard who spent a week in Connecticut working with Bettina with the help of APAHA horses. Said Bettina on Marie-Philip’s arrival “Today was a very special day for me! The APAHA program, having received a generous donation from Mrs Phyllis Dillon Collins, a great horsewoman that I’ve had […]

APAHA Horse Gabe is Learning Flying Changes

APAHA depends on its many great supporters, some of whom are owners of wonderful horses that they loan to APAHA so that APAHA participants have access to nice equine teachers. APAHA students gain experience on nice horses and in return, Bettina offers free training on the horses. One of these loaner horses is the nice […]

A Holiday Season Video Gift

A HOLIDAY SEASON NOTE: In this season of sharing, I thought what could be better to sum up the friendships built around APAHA teachers than this video below! “At the spring symposium, I had asked Bernard to play so that I could ride the young Errol on the Saturday before his performance with ETHEL this […]

January 2020: Double Bridle Training

From Lynndee Kemmet: I encourage everyone to lend support to APAHA’s upcoming 2020 programs to help more riders learn. APAHA programs do more than help advance the education of riders and trainers, they also improve the lives of horses. Thanks to the generous support I received from APAHA, including the valuable loan from Bettina Drummond […]

A Thank You Note to Our Supporters

A Thank You note from Bettina to our many APAHA supporters: “What a fantastic final season after five years of kick-starting the programs and weeding out by trial and error (all mine!) what is helpful, stabilizing, ineffectual and just plain wrong! The whole APAHA experience has been a tremendous growth for me in so many […]

As Macho Steps Back, Amado Steps Up

The well-known Lusitano stallion Que Macho has awed many who have witnessed his brilliant exhibitions with Bettina Drummond. And his talent as an equine teacher has helped to advance the education of a number of riders. In his roles as performer and teacher, Macho has given much to the world and now it is time […]

Mark Russell’s Sola – Happily Partnered Under Saddle

America lost a great horseman last summer when Mark Russell died from injuries acquired during a riding accident. But his equine partner Sola lost a friend and riding partner. Sola is slowly finding his way back and most recently has been enjoying his summer with his new friend Bettina Drummond. And with Bettina, he is now happily back […]

John Craven Shares His Life Story

Horseman John Craven came into my life through Donna Coughlin and her horse Oberon aka “Obi.” Donna had sought out my help with Obi and that connected me to John, who, as you’ll note in his bio below, had a deep respect for Nuno Oliveira. I enjoyed the times I spent with John sharing and […]