As Macho Steps Back, Amado Steps Up

Bettina warms-up Macho for his role as teacher.

The well-known Lusitano stallion Que Macho has awed many who have witnessed his brilliant exhibitions with Bettina Drummond. And his talent as an equine teacher has helped to advance the education of a number of riders. In his roles as performer and teacher, Macho has given much to the world and now it is time for the world to give him a well-earned rest. Drummond has announced that the talented stallion will be retiring as equine teacher in the next year, However, the program of equine teachers, of which Macho has been such an important part, will continue as the role of equine teacher will pass to the Lusitano gelding Amado.

Amado has been in training with Drummond for several years in order to prepare him for the important role of teacher to assist riders in furthering their education. One APAHA rider has had the unique opportunity to be part of the transition from Macho to Amado. Amanda Timolat was a student of both Macho and now Amado. 

Amanda Timolat with her equine teacher Macho.

“It has been uniquely instructive to ride Macho under the tutelage of Bettina and at the same time to see her school him,” Timolat said. “The sequence of having ridden Amado earlier in his training, Macho in his peak and being present to see and discuss the development of Amado as a school master prior to riding him both advances and reinforces the academic and physical principles of Bettina’s training methodology. It is through this riding progression that I have found communication of training process between horse, trainer and myself the student, come full circle.” 


In the video below, Bettina introduces Amado to retired FEI judge Axel Steiner: